Vicky Donor : “Entertaining Sperm”

After having your brains screwed up by mugging all the various articles of Law, it’s always a welcome relief to watch a light hearted comedy or any movie for that matter. Vicky donor was one such stress buster I badly needed. An uncomplicated and vibrant movie, it washed away all frustrations in a jiffy!

Vicky Donor is about a young, jobless man who becomes a regular sperm donor at the insistence of an infertility doctor. He makes a lot of money but decides to stop donating sperm when he falls in love and gets married. How he has a change of heart and how the wife and society handle the dogma of sperm donation forms the crux of the movie.

For a subject as taboo and giggle-inducing as ‘sperm donation’, Vicky Donor does an awesome job of making it a normal fare without being crass or crude even though the terms thrown at you are pretty progressive. Were this movie be made by someone like Sajjid Khan, you would have surely got 3 hours worth of some the most childish jokes out there.

Juhi Chaturvedi’s story is novel and interesting. Her screenplay is very entertaining in the first half and makes for a fun watch. The eccentricities of the unusual Delhi migrant family, the Aroras, make for good entertainment. The scenes where Vicky bumbles around in life, where Dr. Chaddha chases him incessantly, are all very funny. Vicky’s wooing of Ashima is cute, as are the scenes where the two families interact before and during the marriage.

There is plenty of quirky Punjabi humor throughout the film, specially the first half. Some scenes, like one where Vicky’s mother and grandmother bond over late night drink, are madly comical. Dialogues are top notch with granny cracking you up with outstanding one-liners. The film takes a different turn post interval with less emphasis on humor and more mileage being given to the core ‘issue’. There are subtle subplots of complex and beautiful human emotions and relationships, like the bond between Vicky and his mother, his mother and grandmother, Vicky and Ashima and not to forget Vicky and Dr. Chaddha. Also the Punjabi, Bengali family interludes are well thought out and funny.

 What does not work, to a certain extent, is the latter part of the second half, which starts to play out like an Ekta Kapoor drama. Ashima’s estrangement, Vicky’s despair and the ‘happy ending’ climax are boring to a certain extent. And washes away all the steam created in the first half. The drama lacks the punch to evoke sympathy or sorrow for the characters.

Still, Soohjit Sarkar has an immense sense of humor. If Hrishikesh Mukherjee were alive he’d be proud! The director weaves together the comic scenes with the drama effortlessly and never lets the movie out of his grip. He also handles the cast brilliantly and brings out the best in them. His narrative is fresh and entertaining. He must be praised for his sensitive and sensible handling of the subject of sperm donation. However, if only the second half was more taut and convincing, it would have turned out to be a much better movie.

Ayushmaan Khurrana makes a confident debut. He is easy on the eyes, endearing and extremely natural. His comic timing and accent are perfect for the role. Anu Kapoor, as Dr. Baldev Chaddha, impresses. His constant nagging irritates not just Vicky but the audience too! Yami Gautam is a looker and she performs ably as Ashima Roy. Dolly Ahluwalia (as Dolly) is a delight to watch. Her interactions with Kamlesh Gill (Vicky’s grandmother) are few of the highlights of the film. Others offer good support.

Surprisingly,  Abhishek-Akshay’s music is memorable! Panni da and Rum-Whiskey are on everybody’s iPods now! The music is soothing , easy on the ears, blends well with the atmosphere on the movie and is hummable.

But all said and done, you need special sperms (read people) to make a film like Vicky Donor. It is a brave, humorous and educative film that does not get preachy even for a second. Humor here is mostly subtle sans all the possible awkwardness, given the kind of topic in hand.  

On the whole , Vicky Donor is a light fare which won’t disappoint at all. Definitely go for this “Entertaining Sperm”!

Rating :

Direction                      :       3

Story                             :        3

Music                            :       4

Cinematography      :       3

Acting                          :       4

Total                             :       3.5

IMDB Link                 :

Trailer :


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