The Avengers : The Best SuperHero Movie!Need i say more!?

“Spolier Alert”. Don’t read further if you feel you don’t wanna get your hopes too high. Trust me guys the movie is so freaking awesome any superhero movie fan would be in for a treat! But the least you expect from it, the more you would enjoy and savor each and every 150 minute of this flick!

My hands have been itching to write this review from the moment the end credits rolled on the screen.

To start off, Take a Bow and Applaud Mr Joss Whedon, the Director and Writer of this movie. He has done what countless movie makers couldn’t achieve when they attempted to make a super hero movie with the same set of characters and actors. His ensemble of superheroes has more character depth, more action, more story and some effervescently witty dialogues than any of the other solo movies based on the characters of this film. Whedon has come up with a script that’s cheeky and breezy, full of witty banter and sly pop-culture shout-outs as well as self-referential humor, one that moves with an infectious energy that (almost) makes you lose track of its two-and-a-half-hour running time.

The hype has been building for years and it couldn’t possibly be more deafening at this point. Four years ago around the same time, “Iron Man” arrived in theaters and kicked off a bold, long-term plan (by Hollywood standards, at least) that would see four different Marvel superheroes appear in their own solo movies, then unite in a single film featuring not just all of the previous films’ stars, but many of their supporting cast, too.

What’s unbelievable, though, is that despite all of the odds against it and the stratospheric expectations heaped upon it, “The Avengers” still manages to not only live up to those expectations, but to exceed them with an epic adventure that’s just as impressive as its larger-than-life characters.

For a film that required so many prologues to get to this point, it’s surprising how little up-front exposition is required to bring newcomers up to speed with “The Avengers” universe. While the film clearly assumes some familiarity with the main characters and a few basic plot points of the preceding films (“Iron Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Thor,” “Iron Man 2,” and “Captain America: The First Avenger”), co-writers Joss Whedon and Zak Penn have done a great job of weaving any necessary information into the early portions of the film and making the exposition feel organic.

The premise of “The Avengers” is this: Thor’s evil brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has returned, and he plans to use the Tesseract (the powerful, glowing blue cube last seen in “Captain America”) to take over Earth. When Loki proves too powerful for Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and S.H.I.E.L.D. to take down on their own, all of the characters from the previous Marvel Studios films team up to defeat Loki and the alien horde helping him.

To be honest on the face of it, the plot does seem to be taken straight out of a comic book, and is laughably old-school in its simplicity, but its genius lies in how this bare-bones narrative foundation allows the film’s talented cast and creative team the room to do what they do best.

It’s the sort of adventure that comic fans are accustomed to seeing in print, but just like the best comics, “The Avengers” truly shines in how it fills out its narrative skeleton and the area around these tropes with vibrant storytelling, compelling character development, and moments filled with so much heart – and humor – that the entire package stands on its own.

Joss Whedon has pulled off the tricky feat of juggling a large ensemble cast and giving everyone a chance to shine, of balancing splashy set pieces with substantive ideology. Stuff gets blown up real good in beautifully detailed 3-D in “The Avengers” — the area in and around Grand Central Terminal, for example, gets obliterated beyond recognition in an exhausting, climactic battle — but the film as a whole is never a mess from a narrative perspective.

Whedon keeps a tight rein on some potentially unwieldy material, and the result is a film that simultaneously should please purists as well as those who aren’t necessarily comic-book aficionados. He also stays true to the characters while establishing a tone that’s very much his own.

The back-and-forth between Robert Downey Jr.‘s glib Iron Man and Chris Evans’ old-school Captain America is electric, while Downey’s more low-key, philosophical exchanges with Mark Ruffalo‘s Hulk help give the film some intellectual heft. Actually, Downey damn near runs away with this whole thing, a tough feat to pull off in a cast full of personalities who are literally larger than life; it just goes to show once again how irresistibly charismatic he can be with the right kind of writing.

I say nearly runs away, because he is for once out done by, and am so glad to say this, Mark Ruffalo. His Hulk is what it should have been right from the start! Ang Lee and the others just got him all wrong! But here he is what he does best, ANGRY!!!VERY ANGRY!!! His are some of the best scenes in the movie.

The rest of the cast is stunning to say the least, Samuel Jackson gets his due finally with a meaty role,  Chris Evans finally has a chance to flex his muscles and show off his charm than his previous outing, Chris Hemsworth is back As Thor, Scarlett Johansan is HOT as always and she too gets more screen space, The only actors I thought were wasted were Jerremey Reinner and Cobie Smulders. Tom Hiddlestone plays the silent, gloating, and vicious Loki Brilliantly, and brings out some genuine chills.

Watching these characters bounce off of each other – sometimes literally – is joyous. The energy in The Avengers comes not from high cost digital wizardry – although there is some of that on display for sure – but good old fashioned chemistry and acting.

In the end, it’s a summer blockbuster movie treat that you definitely don’t wanna miss! 1 Down 2 to go in this year’s Superhero fiesta, it’s a Brilliant start, and the expectations from Dark Knight Rises have just Mani folded after watching this!  Watch this, I for one am gonna watch it again!!


Direction                    :    5

Story                            :    4

Music                           :    4

Acting                         :    5

Cinematography    :    5

CGI                               :   5

Total                            :   4.8

IMDB Link               :

Trailer  :

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5 thoughts on “The Avengers : The Best SuperHero Movie!Need i say more!?

  1. Hulk does justice to “Ata mazi satakli” :P…(reference to Bashing up Loki…my fav scene in the entire movie)

      • Spidey would be cool, but Sony owns the movie rights to Spider-Man, and this is a Marvel Studios pucorotidn, so no luck there. I agree with you though, I think this has the potential to be great, and I’m happy Joss is doing this. Thanks for the comments!

      • I think most people who see that are going to weodnr what “Assemble 2012” is about and what the title means. Kind of odd to show a portion of the A from the Avengers logo when only fans of the comic book are likely to know what is being teased.

  2. really hoping they pull this one off as well as they did Captain and Thor. I was wriroed those films would be too cheesy, those charachters too old school, but they did well. And, Joss Whedon is brilliant, so, it’s looking good.

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