The Darkest Hour – Worst two hours of my Life!

The aliens are here! The aliens are here! AGAIN!!!

How many times do we have to sit thru aliens carrying out invasions on our planet and? How many times do we have to endure the same retelling again and again and again!!?? What’s the point of making such movies!?

Hollywood’s fascination with aliens and its fight against the aliens continues in this rather timid and thoroughly immature movie. In the past few years we have seen countless movies like “Battle LA“, “Skyline”, “War of the Worlds“, “Aliens Vs. Cowboys” etc. all having the exact same storyline. All movies follow an approximate 8 to 10 step process.

Step 1) the audience is introduced to a group of friends / Family / Strangers who have just come into contact in a pub, party, or a social function.

Step 2) These set of people are stranded in a city, country. It’s not necessary that the city is of their origin.

Step 3) Aliens start attacking with colorful, usually green, blue, red or in this movies case yellow beams of mass destruction.

Step 4) when they start attacking, everyone else other than the lead group fall prey to their heinous attack. The other residents of earth have no chance whatsoever to survive.

Step 5) The army or some military outfit has a unique way to survive the ambush and are calling out to the survivors to reach the location of safety. An un intercepted radio frequency is used to transmit this distress call.

Step 6) The group starts finding ways to reach the location. Along the way, one or two members of the group become collateral damage. And there is a sudden love that re kindles amongst the surviving members of the group.

Step 7) The group somehow manage to understand the actual reason for the aliens invasion of Planet Earth. And no surprises, that the reason can vary from the RICH minerals of earth or the human beings themselves or just that the planet is coming in the way of the aliens trajectory.

Step 8) The group also finds out aliens weakness. And they some how reach the Safe House and tell the whole world how earth can be saved from the aliens! YIPPE!!!

Ohhh…And one other thing, one brave male or female lead, commits an act of bravery by sacrificing his / her life for the group. Touching moments of sorrow follow. And also at the end of the movie the lead pair has to share a Kiss. This demonstrates that all is absolutely well with the world.

There is a unique mystery in this movie which am still not able figure out. For some reason, untold to us, every human being that falls prey to the aliens have their entire body, along with their clothes just evaporate into thin air barring the Shoes! What’s with the shoes!?? Are they made of alien prone material? If so why didn’t the group wear clothes of exactly that material!? Or was the movie sponsored by Addidas or Rebook or Woodlands! We would soon see shoe commercials having the tag line “Our Shoes can survive an Alien Invasion!!”

Well I guess that about sums up what a frustrating watch this movie was. And for people who haven’t watched it know exactly what to expect from the movie. There is an utter lack of imagination on the makers part. The acting is hilarious in the moment of horror and horrifying in the moments of humor.

The movie is senseless and pointless to say the least and there’s not one single department to write home about. The 3D is BAD. Worst ever.

Guess movies like these are the reason why aliens stay away from us and refuse to make any contact. Anyone would! Why would they want to waste their intellectual prowess on beings that make and sell such stupid movies in the name of entertainment? So like the aliens, a warning to fellow earthlings “STAY AWAY “!!


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